We understand design-build metal buildings.
We make steel panels, siding, components, and trim.

CNS Steel is the only custom steel fabrication company in the Central Valley that is owned by a farming family with decades of design-build experience erecting ag and commercial metal buildings. Our design-build background means we can help you anticipate and resolve problems before they occur. And we understand your need for first-rate steel panels, siding, components, and trim. We continually invest in 21st century equipment to ensure best standards.

Need it tomorrow? We can make it today!

When you are stuck on a project, rest assured that you can get the supplies you need for your metal buildings. Fast. We have products to sell and reliable vendors for quick access to larger inventories. We also have materials on hand for emergency custom fabrications. If you need it Saturday, we can make it Friday.

Interior CNS Plant
Our 17,000 square foot facility is equipped with the latest technology for fabricating steel components for steel buildings. A second 36,000 square foot …
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Eric White, Lindsay, California
We often find ourselves in need of custom parts that require the quickest turnaround time. CNS Steel consistently provides competitive prices and has done an excellent job of …
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CNS Steel Staff
The company was an immediate success. Almost daily we heard, “We’re so glad you’re here!.” Customers were grateful for a local metal building …
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